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Sunday Morning News And Notes

Not a whole lot happening around One Buc Place since the players have fled for Seattle earlier in the week on Friday. So I decided to touch up on a story involving troubled Buccs DB, Aqib Talib and some info on the hiring of a HC in D.C.

Aqib Talib recently decided to settle out of court with cab driver David Duggan over an incident on interstate 295 where Talib struck Duggan in the back of the head while he drove Talib, Torrie Cox and Angelo Crowell home from a night on the town.

For lack of a better analogy Duggan wasn’t going out without a fight. He had mandatory court appearances in which Talib did not show. Aqib then signed off on a check with a lot of zeros and Duggan is singing a different tune.  The amount was not disclosed but Duggan had this to say,

“Put it this way, if I play it smart, I’ll be set,” he said. “I feel for him, that he made a big mistake and that kind of thing, but I have no animosity  towards him,” Duggan said. “I feel he paid his debt to me and society and the man is really sorry and he showed that in the civil matter. I just want to put this behind me and hope he has a better football career and not make another mistake.”

I know for a fact I could never take this approach. Talib is still a low-life for sucker-punching somebody in the back of the head (let-alone a 48 year old cab driver). I wouldn’t let something like that slide. It’s funny to me how easy most people are bought and sold.

“I’m going to get a new iPhone,” he said. “I’ve always wanted one.”

And there you have it folks. America at it’s finest. Individual lawsuits and consumerism.

Duggan was also a big enough asshole to joke around about getting season tickets for free from the Glazers, then laughed it off by saying,

“But I can afford my own now.”

You’re one of the few jerk.

Talib will have to attend anger management class’ and donate his time (not money) for community service. He’ll be wearing his old throwback orange jersey.

In other news it is rumored that Mike Shanahan will likely be the new HC of the D.C. Skins. Taking former Buccs HC Jon Gruden out of the picture, for now. Gruden seems to be a mighty happy man, getting a cool 5 million from the Glazer Boy’s and a nice chunk of change from ESPN for being an announcer on Monday night football. Can you really blame the guy after he got shown the door nearly a year ago? Cheers Gruden, there is more to life than 80 hour work weeks in football. Enjoy yourself while you can.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. florida kitty

    May 19, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    I just found out about the incident, and this whole thing doesn’t surprise me at all. Jerk is so right! I don’t know anything about the Bucs, but I knew the “jerk” who once sprayed me in the face with Lysol, in an office setting, and made me very sick. So, in the end, this is the reward he gets? 🙁 Or is it the end yet? The world is a very strange place, indeed.

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