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There’s a new interview with Raheem The Dream up at the official site. Also up there is the press conference video. Throughout Raheem’s animated sideline rallying, his interviews and his press conferences, I have determined that if he is one of the worst coaches in the NFL, he certainly hides it well under a motivational, intelligent exterior.

This press conference can be viewed as a prime example of how he is different from other maligned head coaches. He is lively, pragmatic, and there seems to be a certain sense of openness. Not openness to receiving ideas from the media, but rather almost a determination in his voice and in his direction, hungry to learn from mistakes and willing to do whatever it takes. As undefined and, last year, redefined as his vision and schemes are, he has the determination necessary to do whatever it takes to get the Bucs better. Any doubt some might have had as to whether he loves this job should be gone now. Contrast this to the way Brad Childress and Lovie Smith act after a loss. Perhaps they figure stoic steadfastness is the way to inspire their teams, but it often comes across as arrogance and inability to change.


Raheem started out making a joke about how nice the podium is (the Glazers love to go all out).

Raheem noted Watson and Hayes for how they responded to practicing in the suffocating weather “it doesn’t faze ‘em; it’s encouraging, it really drives your team.”

He said “beauty of it” a lot.

He talked about giving different amounts of work to different players: “For Ronde’s case, it’s ‘cuz he’s 92.”

He laid out his talking points: “consistency, you’re talking about stability and you’re talking about playing smart.”

He laid out the goal: “It’s a race to ten.” A message to his players or a challenge to them?

He predicted someone would shock in training camp: “It happens every year.”

I guess, in terms of defensiveness against the media, he did take a shot concerning journalist Ira Kaufman’s drafting evaluation, claiming all Ira knows is the numbers. It didn’t seem mean-spirited when I watched it.

“Do NOT call me Radio!”

NOTE: I don’t plan on nor do I recommend watching the other training camp press conferences. If I’m still covering the Bucs this fall, I will definitely watch all of the regular season press conferences but I watched this one to get an overall feel for what Raheem’s expectations were and, yes, to see his mood and body language.

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