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Chiefs @ Bucs Rewind and Look Ahead


The receivers. It’s going to be hard to place Preston Parker on the practice squad. He and fellow receiver Spurlock, who had the game’s most important catch, are battling it out for the returner job. I can’t imagine what Mike Williams would have done if he had been targeted for a full game and not just for about a quarter and half. He made play after play and Eric Yarber deserves  credit for helping him adjust to this level so fast. He finished with 3 grabs and 44 yards. Benn did a good job of putting his head down, Irvin-style, running right at his corner, stopping on a dime, turning around and making a catch. However, the night belonged to Mike Williams. A lot of GMs who passed on him and defensive coordinators are going to be sick to their stomachs.

The secondary all had its moments. Elbert Mack had a highlight pass break-up on the left sideline. E.J. Biggers made two jaw-dropping tackles on special teams. Vince Anderson showed something in the second half. Ronde Barber had a nice tackle. Brandon Anderson and Derrick Roberson had late INTs. Corey Lynch had a big pass defensed.

Kareem Huggins continued to run angry. He looks very instinctive out there with his cuts and angles to gain the extra yardage. In order to average more than 2 yards a carry on Saturday, it was important that he made the first man miss because…


The run-blocking was disconcerting, not just because this was against the Chiefs. They can’t have another season of 4.0 yards per carry.

At times, Josh Johnson put his receivers in bad situations with bad throws. A really high one to Mike Williams which was still caught by him, led him out of bounds. Another time, Johnson tried to drop one in between three defenders and the pass was tipped by Clayton and incomplete.

I didn’t think Derrick Ward had enough carries to put him in this category but it was bad that he had a head injury since that could mean another week where they can’t get a good look at him for either themselves or a potential trade partner.

Overall: Despite a defense that allowed a lot of short and underneath stuff, slightly common when playing vanilla defenses, the Bucs were flying to the ball and will likely not have to see offensive lines that run block as well as Kansas City every week. That said, maybe it was good that Jamaal Charles and Jackie Battle were getting such big openings because if your team has a flaw, you would like it to get exposed now. The most important things to see are improved line play this week and a continued feed of the ball to Mike Williams and Kareem Huggins. Those are two players I expect to not see much of if at all in the fourth game, so it’d be great to get some more lumps in. If this team is going to hang with the Saints and Falcons in the division, their big play weapons need to be ready week for 1. The defense needs to get off the field, especially as long as Josh Johnson is out there. He’ll need all the chances he can get for experience in the preseason and for scoring opportunities in a regular season game if that happens. 24 first downs allowed is not good.



  1. slickbucnyc

    August 24, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    my big concern (besides a qb with a broken thumb) is the lack of pressure up the middle. opponents have much ease running up the gut and gaining yards. im not sure who gets the blame. the tackles should be applying pressure and stopping the run, but the linebackers (specifically mlb) should get to the line in time to stop the ball carrier. as much as i like ruud, it seems he is still a second late on stopping the run. i want to see him anticipate the play and stuff the run at the line. our first games are against teams that excel in running the ball (like the panthers). whatever happens, we’ll get a great idea of where our defense stands against the run after that game.

    • Chris Bach

      August 26, 2010 at 12:18 am

      What makes it even more disconcerting is that Terrance Cody was passed on twice by the Bucs and he has looked very good in preseason.

      This team has more than enough good pass defenders, if Ruud doesn’t do as well as others in run support, the Bucs should be able to afford to try different formations and personnel to replace him in some run downs.

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