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We Are Who The Rest Of Tampa Bay Thought We Were!

By Jan Boger –

Dennis Green made that statement in 2009 about the Chicago Bears when they beat his Arizona Cardinals. That rant was a compliment to the Bears.

But unfortunately my half rant, “The BUCs are who we thought they were” is not! After acquiring Dashon Goldson and Darelle Revis and getting Akeem Spence in the draft, many Tampa Bay fans, myself included had high hopes for the Buccaneers in 2013. I had high expectations.

I thought we had a pretty good team by shoring up the secondary. My biggest worry was the pass rush. I wanted someone on the outside with at least half the talent of Simeon Rice.

Clayborn and a HalfSimeon clone would seal the defensive deal! But I didn’t think we got that or have that in Daniel Te’o-nesheim. Could I be wrong? Maybe. Sunday’s pass rush really wasn’t too shabby!

The pass rush was effective at times & they came up with 5 sacks & that impressed me. Maybe we can add some depth if Da’Quan Bowers will get in shape and become the player we thought he could and would be. And my pass rush worries would be all for naught!

But on Sunday, …..On That Any Given Sunday……the BUCs surprised me. The BUCs for once in a long time were the favorite! Some odds makers said as much as by 20 points.

I was so excited! I said, “I don’t just wanna win, I wanna take the Jets to the wood shed!

I wanna really beat them and make a statement before the rest of the NFC comes to dinner”.

Okay, okay, I admit I am a Jets hater! My husband looked at me and said, “Are you kidding me? We ARE talking about the BUCs here. Nevva gonna happen We’ll probably win but don’t you know, it’s ALWAYS gonna be a nail biter for the BUCs!”

I looked at this man who I have slept with for over 50 years (as if even that will make us think alike!) and thought, you’re an idiot! I thought nah, we are gonna be alright. Didn’t I just write an article that Josh (Freeman) is gonna be alright by God!

Well that idiot husband of mine showed me who the real idiot is > ME ! You’ve heard it all, why we lost; here are my thoughts on the reason(s).

1- The Coach(s) did not prepare the team adequately from noise control, to helmet mic malfunctions & what to do if that happens.

2- That game had absolutely the most vanilla play calling I have ever seen. I think that Rex Ryan told us before the game started he was gonna stack the box.

So did we adjust? No! How about throwing something up the middle Keshawn Johnson style to Vincent Jackson or Mike Williams or throw more screens to make the Jets pay for stacking the box. The offensive coordinator & coach Schiano did not have an adequate game plan & on top of that could not make half time adjustments.

3- Josh Freeman has absolutely NO confidence. His body language shows it & his actions on the field show it. He looks like a deer caught in a head light. He looks like he is afraid to make a mistake! And this all may not even be his fault.

After all, have the BUCs provided him with a quality QB coach or Head coach yet? In 5 years? The answer to what kind of coach Greg Schiano is has yet to be determined. My real worry is that maybe Josh Freeman really can’t read defenses. God no, don’t even let that be halfway true!

4- The O-Line. Never ever did I have a clue that our normally very good offensive line would get pushed around like that. By the O-Line not doing the best job which may not have been their fault, Josh Freeman had no time to execute. And could anyone blow a hole open for Doug Martin? Only 1 time did they do it like they can, when Dougie scored.

I know, it’s hard to do when the box is loaded & you’re being double teamed. Therein lies the problem, again the offensive coordinator failed to help bail out the O-Line. The O-Line should get on the offensive coordinator because if he would have made the appropriate adjustments then Rex & company would have stopped stacking the box. Then we would have progressed down the field dinging & dunking with the occasional long ball.

5- Lovonte David. No, Lovonte David is NOT the reason the BUCs lost. I will never fault a player for being aggressive. He had 8 tackles in that game, 1 sack, & 1 interception. And he is the defensive play caller & did this even as rookie last year.

Therefore Lovonte gets a free pass in my book for that ill-fated play. This game showed me …….our defense is going to live up to everything I expected & probably more! And the O-Line is not as bad as the offensive coordinator made them look!


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1 Comment

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