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Rugby – A Fun Offseason Sport To Take Your Mind Off The Buccaneers

You’ve watched the Buccaneers tough 2017 season come to a close. You’ve followed the NFL Playoffs and patiently are awaiting to see if the Patriots or Eagles will hoist the Lombardi Trophy Sunday evening in the Super Bowl.

After that’s said and done, there won’t be another football game for some eight months.

In other words – time for lack of football depression to set in.

There’s got to be more out there in the world to pass the time, other sports or other activities to make you enjoy the time until there is another Buccaneers football game that means something.

How about this – how about following Rubgy this offseason?

Yes, that’s right – Rugby, which can teach football a lot this offseason, more so for those that play the books with the use of VAR (video assistant referee review), a stat that Rugby is using with great success.

There are plenty of things that Football teams can learn from Rugby when it comes to VAR, including how and when to use it, and letting the technology of the plays speak for themselves, taking all the risk out of the hands of the officials on the field in a week in and week out basis.

It’s also a great way to invest your time, watching the days, weeks and then months go by until there’s another NFL football game to speak of, one that will again include the Buccaneers.

VAR is already being used in Rugby, and with great success in both the FA and EFL Cup, two big Rugby tourneys that were both fun to watch and even more fun to be abreast on with the use of VAR.

It took all the guess work away from the officials, and they were able to make the correct calls using VAR instead of drawing the ire of the crowds not knowing what way to go.

The NFL’s use of instant replay still has way too many flaws, and even on plays that seem cut and dry, officials are spending way too much time under a tent watching a small monitor trying to make a critical call in a game right.

How great would it be for NFL Commish Roger Goodell and the competition committee to adopt some of the same VAR rules that Rugby is already using, and even more so use them to the success that Rugby is using them.

Take in some Rugby this offseason, and watch for the awesome use of VAR, you’d be surprised the NFL hasn’t started using it already.

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